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West End University College is innovative and entrepreneurial in spirit and its fundamental rationale is to produce highly qualified graduates who show evidence of academic excellence, professional competence and moral integrity in business circles. The challenge will be met through:

  • Advancing integrative knowledge and understanding
  • Encouraging collaborative learning through teaching and research.
  • Facilitating student-faculty engagement and mentoring in a small college environment.
  • Providing opportunities for social responsibility engagement and leadership

We aim to deepen students understanding of how businesses operate and to develop their abilities to recognize and analyse the economic, technical, financial, social and organizational parameters within which modern managers make decisions.  Students will get a thorough grounding in the theories and principles of accounting, , finance, marketing, legal environment of business, ethics, business research methods, human resource management, economics, strategic and operations management as well as computer and information skills.

Philosophy of Programme

The philosophy of the BEd. (Accounting) programme to provide essential knowledge and skills  to Accounting educators and administrators for national development. It offers student-teachers the opportunity to have in-depth practical knowledge and experience about teaching accounting at the senior high school. The BEd. (Accounting) programme ensures that good quality accounting teachers who can employ the pedagogical content knowledge in delivering various accounting topics are trained to meet the ever growing demand for accounting teachers for national development.

The overall goal of the programme is to produce qualified and effective accounting teachers who have adequate subject matter knowledge and can employ critical and reflective thinking in their analysis of educational issues in general, and accounting curricular and pedagogical issues relating to accounting education in particular. 

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Produce accounting  teachers and facilitators who will effectively implement the senior high school accounting course;
  • promote basic and applied research in accounting education
  • prepare students for higher academic and professional pursuits accounting

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Matured Applicants

matureMature Applicants must satisfy the following requirements for admission into the BBA programme:

The applicant must be at least 25 years old, and show proof of age with birth certificate or any legitimate documentary proof of date of birth which is at least 25 years old at the time of application.

Applicants must pass an entrance examination conducted by the West End University College under supervision of mentor institution, Cape Coast University.

NB: All programmes are available for prospective mature applicants except BSc. Nursing