Our Programmes

Programmes offered at WEUC are handled by five Faculties namely Business Administration, Computer Science, Education, Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

(a)    Faculty of Business Administration:  The following programmes are available:-

B.Sc. –  Accounting

B.Sc. –  Banking and Finance

B.Sc. –  Human Resource

B.Sc. –  Marketing

(b) Faculty of Computer Studies

B.Sc. –  Computer Science

B.Sc. – Information & Communication Technology

B.Sc. Computational Finance

(c)Faculty of Education

B.Ed. – Basic Education

B.Ed. – Early Childhood Education

B.Ed. – Management

(d) Faculty of Health Sciences

B.Sc. – Nursing

B.Sc.Mid–  (B.Sc. Midwifery)

B.Sc. –  Public Health

(e) Faculty of Social Sciences

B.Sc. – Entrepreneurship

B.A–  Corporate Administration

B.Sc. – Procurement & Supply Chain Management


Three programmes which are in advance stage of development will be mounted in the course of 2016/2017 academic year.  These are:


B.Sc.Mid (B.Sc. Midwifery)

B.Sc. Public Health

(f) New Programmes being developed

B.Sc. –  Criminal Justice Administration

B.Sc.  –  Radiology

B.Sc.  –  Global Health and Humanitarian Relief.

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