Research 2

weuc prince

Knowledge and Perception of Ghanaian Adolescents about Family Planning

Abstract Background: Adoption and utilization of family planning services have been evidenced to be useful in preventing sexually transmitted infections, reducing unintended pregnancies, reducing maternal and child mortality and this serves as a…

weuc dr kwakye

Hazards experienced by traders who use hawking as their marketing strategy at kasoa and its environs

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to investigate hazards traders who use hawking as the only marketing strategy experience at Kasoa and its environs. The study adopted the survey design. Data…

weuc ken

Knowledge of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and diabetes mellitus II (DM II) among undergraduate students: A crossectional study among University of Ghana students

Abstract: Background: DM II and MetS are highly prevalent in the adult population worldwide. Education may play an important role in preventing DM II and MetS in young adults, especially those who are…

weuc ken

Barriers to sustained use of the insecticide treated bed net in the upper east region of Ghana

ABSTRACT Background: Barriers to sustainable use of the insecticide treated bed nets are responsible for the high incidence of malaria with a concomitant burden on the health delivery system in Ghana. The ITN…

weuc ibrahim

Assessing the Type of Advertising Influencing Consumers’ Behaviour of Telecommunications Firms in Ghana: A Case Study of MTN Ghana

The purpose of the study was to assess the type of advertising influencing consumers’ behaviour to respond to offerings of MTN Ghana. The study adopted the survey design. Convenient sampling technique was…

weuc ibrahim


ABSTRACT: The study assesses the influence of packaging on consumers’ buying behaviour of soft drinks in Accra, Ghana. The objective of the study was to examine the forms of packaging used by…

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