Hazards experienced by traders who use hawking as their marketing strategy at kasoa and its environs

weuc dr kwakye

The purpose of the study was to investigate hazards traders who use hawking as the only marketing strategy experience at Kasoa and its environs. The study adopted the survey design. Data were gathered from a purposively selected sample of 70 traders from at their hawking sites using a structured interview guide and data analyses carried out using SPSS version 20. Among the findings were 20.0% of the traders were below 20 years; 71.4% hawked from 8 to 15 hours daily for six or seven days weekly. The most frequent health hazards reported were fatigue leading to stress; robbery attacks and occasional vehicle accidents. It is recommended that the metropolitan authorities build free vocational and technical training centers to train the youth in skill jobs. The National Health Insurance scheme should be better organized to take care of injured hawkers. The Metropolitan Assemblies must ensure that hawking by children is prevented through legislation.

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